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Remark, Before the New Chest Tattoo (2014)
F R O S T Y  
If I were to take a guess at the secret to happiness, it would be riding motorcycles. This is me testing my friend Spencers new bike. A nice 125cc for a beginner. I feel bad for lecturing them all the time about protective clothing, but it was just once round the block.
instagram is ernestogonzaga.
(Yes I’ve been on beardpornography before but maturegoth is my bro. Girl bro but bro none the less. Her instagram is retrogoth and you should check out hers too. She looks like a vampire.)
Anonymous: how was your day girlfriend?

it was chill! if you don’t reveal yourself I will break up with you

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Maurilio Lima
Winston Wolfrider halfway across the USA on his travels for charity
Hello :)